My 2nd Act | What Is The Stage Show Event?
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What Is The Stage Show Event?


Women heal through community. We also heal through nurturing others.

My 2nd Act: Survivor Stories from the Stage was created as a platform for local women cancer survivors to share their deepest personal stories of their life after cancer.  These theatrical shows prove that the human spirit always prevails and that even a life-changing diagnosis like cancer can have a positive effect on survivors and their friends, families and society as a whole.

My 2nd Act is a professionally produced stage show staged in theaters across the country and brought to you by the Women Survivors Alliance and New Focus Network.  The show features a cast of local women cancer survivors on stage revealing their own personal experiences of surviving cancer.  Their dramatic essays unravel the truth about perseverance in the face of uncertainty as they enter their 2nd Act of life–survivorship.  The result is a raw and honest exposé that not only empowers those on stage, but also inspires those witnessing.  It’s an amazing evening of emotions as it celebrates both the survivors and non-survivors in the audience. In turn, the members of the audience are motivated to create their own 2nd Acts, inspiring others regardless of the challenges they face in life. And long after the stage lights have gone dark this inspiration and joy has a lasting effect.

A Three Day Event

My 2nd Act expands to not just feature the survivors for the theatrical show, but the show also features the city and supporting organizations during a three-day stretch. The show shares beauty and hot places of the city as the women survivors share THEIR city with survivors from around the world. Expanding path of the current mainstream production, cast members are also filmed sharing their amazing backstories of inspiring stories. Between the stage show and the weekend festivities, the show brings survivorship to YOUR CITY and leaves behind inspiration and motivation.

Finally, the stage show itself will have a more intimate connection to its cast and cameras backstage will capture the jitters and butterflies as the women step out onto the stage.  This new approach will reflect the energy and vitality of the brave women who bare their stories to a worldwide audience.

Founded by a beloved board member and cancer survivor, Joanna Montgomery, My 2nd Act: Survivor Stories from the Stage is not only a production to teach and inspire its audience. If cancer was cured tomorrow, more than 600,000 women would be spared a diagnosis in the next year. But America’s 8 million women cancer survivors would still face myriad long-term and life-limiting issues from their diagnosis and treatment. And that’s where the Women Survivors Alliance comes in.

The Women Survivors Alliance (WSA) provides education, connection, and empowerment to women survivors of ALL cancers free of charge around the world. The professionally directed My 2nd Act productions bring awareness to survivorship issues and serve as fundraisers to support the work of WSA.

Thanks to our new partners at New Focus Network, My 2nd Act: Survivor Stories from the Stage is no longer just a stage show, but can be seen starting in Winter 2017 on their network which reaches 142 countries.  New Focus Network will be made available on Smart TV platforms such as Roku, Apple Tv, Google Tv and Amazon Fire. Smart TV is a wide-open new form of media growing rapidly worldwide.

Be Amused.  Be Inspired. Be moved.  Just Be There!

Wanna know more? Learn more about the WSA here.