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TV Show

Three years ago it was an idea.  Today, My 2nd Act is not only a stage show, but a television show coming to New Focus Network.

Six-time Emmy Award Winning Producer, Marcia Mule’ and Women Survivors Alliance Founder, Karen Shayne will roll out the new television production for My 2nd Act: Survivor Stories from the Stage in each city the stage show visits.  Each show casts local cancer survivor women to be in the television production.

My 2nd Act is a professionally produced stage show staged in theaters across the country and brought to you by the Women Survivors Alliance, a national organization that supports women as they navigate the journey of life after cancer.  The shows feature a cast of real women on stage revealing their own personal experiences of surviving the disease.  Their dramatic essays unravel the truth about perseverance in the face of uncertainty as they enter their 2nd Act of life–survivorship.  The result is a raw and honest exposé that not only empowers those on stage, but also inspires those witnessing.  It’s an amazing evening of emotions as it celebrates both the survivors and non-survivors in the audience. In turn, the members of the audience are motivated to create their own 2nd Acts, inspiring others, regardless of the challenges they face in life. And long after the stage lights have gone dark this inspiration and joy has a lasting effect.

As a newly featured television series on New Focus Network, My 2nd Act will now follow the path of the current mainstream productions as we film the audition process in each city where survivors share their amazing stories with the hopes of being chosen for the theatrical presentation.  Well-produced backstories of inspiring participants will be created as we follow these courageous women through the process and into the spotlight.  The stage show itself will have a more intimate connection to its cast and cameras backstage will capture the jitters and butterflies as the women step out onto the stage.  This new approach will reflect the energy and vitality of the brave women who bare their stories to a worldwide audience.

The show will begin airing in October 2016 on New Focus Network.  The show’s direction is under the command of Philip Bradley of Artifact Creative. Tickets for the live audience show can be purchased in the city in which the live show takes place.

For more information on how to bring a production to YOUR city, please email Karen Shayne or call the WSA offices at 1-800-569-5193.

My 2nd Act: Survivor Stories from the Stage was founded by WSA’s beloved board member, Joanna Montgomery, as a production to teach and inspire those facing cancer and, in turn, honor their 2nd Acts.

Your My 2nd Act Co-Hosts

Jessica Meyer and Linda Ragsdale

The Women Survivors Alliance/New Focus Network’s new show-stopping format for My 2nd Act: Survivor Stories from the Stage has some new faces sharing the spotlight with the charismatic and sweet tea loving lead and founder, Karen Shayne.  Joining her as Co-Hosts of the show for red carpet interviews, behind the scenes scoops and shenanigans are Nashville WSA survivors, Jessica Meyer and Linda Ragsdale.

Jessica is a rocketing star who has been the keynote speaker, fundraiser, and smile-maker for hundreds of events bringing vast awareness and advocacy to pediatric cancer.  It’s no wonder this media darling is one of the 2015-16 Champion Ambassadors for Children’s Miracle Network. She’s appeared with Jack Black, Donald Faison and Brett Dalton as a super hero cancer buster. She’s also interviewed Marie Osmond and a host of other celebrities. And she’s only thirteen.  While being a stellar student in her 8th grade class and doing kid stuff, this sprite will supercharge the hearts and hopes of cast, crew and audiences alike.

Joining Jessica is the storytelling extraordinaire, Linda Ragsdale. Linda’s picture book peace series from Flower Pot Press will grow to four titles this Spring, as she continues to help kids of all ages find their inner peace. Linda is president and chief muse of The Peace Dragon, international speaker, 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack survivor, Tedx presenter, author and peace teacher. She’s taught over 30,000 students and drawn over 23,000 peace dragons around the world.  “I couldn’t be more honored, excited or blessed to be a part of this hosting cast and this entire movement to bring a new face to the journey through and beyond cancer,” says Linda Ragsdale. “Jessica is so much fun to hang with. If you’ve lost your inner child, Jess will re-introduce you to her!”

Karen, Jessica and Linda each represent a distinct area of survivorship, and together, they’re the new feminine power team taking to the virtual waves and into neighborhoods and stages everywhere.


The Shows Production

Host: Karen Shayne
Co-Hosts: Linda Ragsdale, Jessica Meyer
Genre: Stage Show/Reality
Executive Producer: Marcia Mule’, Karen Shayne & Philip Bradley
Directed By: Philip Bradley
Crew: Hannah Hoffman, Logan Stone, & Drew English
Printing:  Minuteman Press, Nashville
Jewelry: The Survivor Collection & My Personal Credo
Release Date: October 2016
Network: New Focus Network