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Submit Your Story

Whats Your 2nd Act?

Cancer drew a line in the sand of our lives.
The diagnosis came at the worst time –things like that always do, don’t they?

The treatment, while necessary, had it’s own bag of challenges. (Being bald is kinda scary!)
We lived through the shock, the trauma, the fear, and the sadness.

And then came a day when the doctors told us we were on our own. We had been given the gift of time and a wealth of experience. Now what do we do with it?

It’s time for a 2nd Act–touching lives and lending a hand to society. It doesn’t matter whether your 2nd Act is large or small. Touching just one life is a story worthy of sharing with others. Just look at these examples:

  • A woman in Tennessee has made enough money selling homemade suckers to send more than 20 women to our convention!
  • A woman in Louisiana, while fighting for her own life, started a support group for other women fighting the same kind of cancer.
  • A woman in Michigan put together a collection of humorous stories and sells it to raise money for the Women Survivors Alliance.

What’s YOUR 2nd ACT? We want to know!

Send us the story of how you’re helping others live a better life. Send a photo along with it, too – even a selfie will do–so we can see the courageous and brilliant woman behind the story.

All essays will be showcased on our My 2nd Act page.

Be a part of SURVIVORville history! Submit an essay and tell us YOUR 2nd Act!

Here’s what to do:

1.     Write a creative, memoir-style essay (1,200 words or less) that captures the essence of how you’re using the time and experience from your cancer journey to help others and the world around you. That’s your 2nd Act, baby! And remember, the size of a 2nd Act doesn’t matter – the doing does!

2.     Be sure to send a photo or selfie along with you essay. Doesn’t have to be formal and it would be great if it pictured you actually DOING your 2nd Act. Please do not embed your photo into your essay submission. Send it as a separate attachment.

3.     Please note: by submitting your essay and photo, you agree that both become the property of the Women Survivors Alliance.

4.     Essay submissions must be a Word document attachment to an email. PDFs are not accepted. Please write “My 2nd Act Essay Submission”in the subject line of the email and submit them to

6.      Your essay will be uploaded within 4 days of submission.

We can’t wait to read yours!