My 2nd Act | Call for Auditions
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Call for Auditions


One Stage. One Weekend. Infinite Inspiration

There’s great power in a cancer survivor’s story. Here is the chance to tell yours.

My 2nd Act: Survivor Stories from the Stage is a live storytelling event featuring local women sharing the triumphant journeys of their 2nd acts since their cancer diagnosis. Using their gifts of time and experience to give back to society, these women inspire and entertain, proving the second act of their lives can be even more meaningful than before cancer entered their lives. This stage show is moving and motivational, filled with laughter and love, reaching into the hearts of every audience member. All ages, all stages, all kinds.

My 2nd Act: Survivor Stories from the Stage auditions are held approximately 10-12 weeks prior to the city show.  Cast members are not expected to be professional actors, but everyday survivors.  Could this be you?

Criteria for Your Audition 

  1. We are so looking forward to hearing about how you have chosen to use your 2nd (or 3rd or 4th or… as the case may be!) Act.
  2. As survivors we’ve been given the gifts of time and experience to give back for the greater good and to make the world a better place. Whether your 2nd Act is large or small, whether it’s for sister survivors or another personal passion, we want to hear.

We know the treatment was rough – we’re survivors too! But we want to hear how you re-entered your life with pizzazz. The focus of your story should be here, your 2nd Act. Your story should celebrate your survivorship and inspire the audience to create their own 2nd Acts, regardless of what their life challenges might be.

  1. YOUR ESSAY:Your reading is done from your written essay.
  2.  Your essay should not be over 7 minutes. (Approximately 125 words per minute.)
  3. Your essay will be read verbatim in monologue style from a single podium on the stage.
  4. Your final essay will be edited to five minutes for television requirements.
  5. Practice reading aloud and timing yourself before auditioning. Make sure you look up and engage with your audience. Connect with the people you are auditioning with. We don’t expect you to memorize – in fact, we don’t want you to! This isn’t meant to extemporaneous. This is your time to inspire.
  6. Once you have written and practiced your essay, make sure you are registered to audition.  Click on your city and follow the instructions for sign up.
  7. Commitment to participate in My 2nd Act: Survivor Stories from the Stage includes one rehearsal and a pre-performance run-through the day of the show. Dates and locations of all will be made available at the auditions. We also look for members to fill the seats. We need you actively promoting the show to the community and reaching into every network you are a part of.
  8. Remember, you don’t have to be an actor.  This is your survivorship story.  Be real and be inspiring.
  9. Need to know more?  We got that covered!  The stage show has a YouTube page for you to see more about past stage shows and see up close and personal the production itself.  Visit our You Tube page! (Please note: the speech times have been reduced to fit the new television format.)
  10. Finally, good luck and we’ll see YOU at the auditions!

Remember, this is a fundraising event for the sponsor, the Women Survivors Alliance.  Proceeds from My 2nd Act: Survivor Stories from the Stage will benefit the educational programs of the WSA. More about the WSA, their mission, and videos of previous shows are available at